17 November 2015 – ASN Digital Filter Designer cuts development time for BioRobotics student projects

Following the successful launch of the ASN digital filter designer in July 2015, students from the University of Twente have been the first to benefit from the new software.

In a hands on workshop in October, 80 undergraduate students from the MIRA research centre for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine attended seminar on digital filter design with the ASN filter designer. The day comprised of a seminar and hands-on session with the software tool as part of a ten week final project.


We were delighted to have hosted Advanced Solutions Nederland's launch of the ASN filter designer. Creating an environment for learning that takes advantage of the latest technology is what we believe makes our education exemplary. Today’s workshop is a great example of how our BSc. students can get hands on involvement  of an innovative product, that is set to advance the development of biomedical signal analysis and filter design. We look forward to working with the Advanced Solutions Nederland team to further our students learning and develop their own EMG signal processing application.

          - Dr. Ir. Bert-Jan van Beijnum, Assistant professor, University of Twente.


The new partnership allows the Enschede based innovator to road test the capabilities of the new paradigm and its advantages of its application in the education sector.


We were very enthused by the response from the students, and its appropriateness within an educational environment despite it being commercial product which for the first time speeds up time to market for new product development giving users a significant advantage within their field.

                               -  Dr. Sanjeev Sarpal, CEO, Advanced Solutions Nederland


The final projects have been brought to life and are this month on display at the University's DesignLab following the initial design seminar.

The unique design experience enables users to create analyse and verify their filter designs in real-time interactive way, without the need of any complex mathematics. This new concept supersedes existing paradigms where design production was time consuming and restrictive.

Advanced Solutions Nederland BV is a hi-tech design consultancy that specialises in providing custom-made DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms and hardware design services for a broad portfolio of sensor measurement applications. Backed up by many years of successful algorithm development, Advanced Solutions Nederland BV has developed an innovative software platform for digital filter design and signal analysis, which provides design engineers, lecturers,  researchers, students and hobbyists  with everything they need in order to design, experiment, implement and then evaluate complex IIR and FIR digital filter designs.