9 February 2009 – Advanced Solutions Nederland offer PCB design and assembly services

Utilizing our 50 man year experience in hardware design and product development, we are pleased to announce today the launch of our PCB design and assembly service. Using the latest computer aided design tools our specialist team are able to ensure signal integrity for almost all types of signals and systems, while at the same time 'laying' a board out in order to be compliant with international EMC certification requirements. Our service offers all varieties of PCB, from simple single layer boards to the more complex multilayered PCBs using a variety of available technologies.

Using Zephotronics’ state-of-the-art non-contact hot air production syfertools well established industry standard production techniques, our specialist team is able to deliver to you a professionally looking PCB free from thermal component damage and other types of manufacturing problems associated with traditional hand soldered prototyping techniques.

Please click here in order to visit Zephotronics' wesbite and see their production tools in action!