18 January 2012 – Sensor Technology Seminar (Nieuwegein)

In collaboration with our business partners, we are pleased to announce a joint seminar on sensor technology at SKF's Dutch research centre in Nieuwegein. The presentations are intended for both engineers and managers working with sensor technology who are looking for new ideas on how to ease the steps needed during the development cycles and speed up development.

Dr. Sanjeev Sarpal will be demonstrating ASN's newly developed SensorPro measurement module for a typical industrial sensor measurement application and how time can be saved via the SensorPro GUI development suite.

 The event also presents an excellent opportunity for networking with experts in instrumentation and industrial control.

Location: SKF, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands (01/02/12)

Price: Free of charge.

Please click here in order to visit the house of technology's website in order to register for this event (in Dutch).