5 November 2008 – Advanced Solutions Nederland develops with Syfer’s FlexiCap™ capacitors and SMT EMI suppression networks.

Utilizing Syfer’s state-of-the-art FlexiCap™ technology we are able to offer our customers PCBs that can be bent up to several millimetres without cracking any of the usually delicate SMT capacitors, which is especially useful for products that require option boards to be fitted or changed in the field. FlexiCap™ is offered with a variety of dielectrics with almost all syferstandard component values being supported (e.g. 100nF X7R).

Syfer’s SMT pi-filter EMI suppression networks replace the need for the usually cumbersome coil and two capacitor arrangement by compacting everything into convenient 0805 and 1206 SMT packages. We hope to integrate these key components into our future designs for many of our industrial control clients, who demand both rugged and compact designs in harsh industrial environments.

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