7 January 2016 – ASN Digital Filter Designer version 3.0 released

Following the successful launch of the ASN digital filter designer in July 2015, and extremely useful customer feedback, we're pleased to announce the release of version 3.0.

Version 3.0 significantly improves on key aspects of the 'design experience' and adds many great new features.

Product release highlights


  • Fixed various bugs and improved stability.
  • Improved UI, including better panning of the main chart and more tooltips.
  • Fixed bug with IIR and FIR specification table validation algorithm.
  • Added three IIR filter structures: Direct Form I, Direct Form II and Direct Form II Transposed.
  • Added two FIR filter structures: Direct Form and Transposed Direct Form.
  • Added project design notes functionality.
  • Improved framework examples.
  • Improved Filter script examples, including more documentation.

Signal analyser

  • Audio playback increased to 44.1kHz.
  • Added 3rd (H3) post lowpass filter.
  • Added "Amplitude modulation" function to signal generator.
  • Added "Sqr" math function to Signal analyser.
  • Added two more time domain analysis methods (autocorrelation, Real Cepstrum).
  • Support for CSV data file import.

Download version 3.0

Advanced Solutions Nederland BV is a hi-tech design consultancy that specialises in providing custom-made DSP (digital signal processing) algorithms and hardware design services for a broad portfolio of sensor measurement applications. Backed up by many years of successful algorithm development, Advanced Solutions Nederland BV has developed an innovative software platform for digital filter design and signal analysis, which provides design engineers, lecturers,  researchers, students and hobbyists  with everything they need in order to design, experiment, implement and then evaluate complex IIR and FIR digital filter designs.